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Sounds Like:
the darkest funk, the funkiest darkness

This music is designed for female robots to wet their pantech.

Production & Voices :

Auddie (aka Stalker) : Production, arrangements, Digital fx, live tweaking, hard vocals, beats and french kissing.

Laura Ingals: Production, keyboards, sad vocals, funky beats and weed smoking.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Pantech was born in a coal-heater in Kreuzberg, although some consider this side of Sonnenallee to be part of Neuköln. Two french producers emerged from the ashes and immediately started tweaking dusty analog synths through rusty digital effects.
For a whole winter they fed exclusively on cheap Falafels and ridiculously strong beers, writing about the shitty weather, and dogs on catwalks. Eventually an album was left unfinished, gathering dust somewhere on an old hard-drive.
What happened since then is a story that involves a long painful mixing process, China, some snow, lots of cold but way less falafels.
Today Pantech is back as an international collaboration between Auddie, still in Berlin and Laura Ingalls from The Horses, who moved to China.


3e Falafel, "Bring you Virus Over", Cheap Beer, Heartbreaks, A school called "Maneg3", Endless Weekends, Auddie wants to play in Berghain, Sonnenallee, more techno than Lou Reed, coal, Analog Blips, Jagermaester. More jagermaester. the Attic.



Everyday life, berlin's empty streets, breaking-ups, love, Neuköln, 2€'s döners, swimming pools, Endless Weekends, panorama bar, synthetics drugs, berliner weed, german beers, jägermäster, More jagermaester. the Attic, more techno than Lou Reed, coal, Analog Blips, cold winters, depressions and lovely neighboors.


released July 27, 2011

Stalker & Laura Ingals



all rights reserved


Editions f4 Berlin, Germany

Berlin based label and publishing company created in Paris in 2003 by the novelist, photographer and producer : Brieuc Le Meur.

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